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MaxxECU PRO Standard Kit


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MaxxECU PRO Standard Kit, Universal Motormanagement / Steuergerät, inkl. MTune PC Software und... mehr
Produktinfos: "MaxxECU PRO Standard Kit"

MaxxECU PRO Standard Kit, Universal Motormanagement / Steuergerät, inkl. MTune PC Software und Kabelbaum

  • All 1-12 cylinder engines (4-stroke)
  • Up to 12 cylinders fully sequentially
  • Up to 12 cylinders in wasted spark


  • Intake air temperature sensor (IAT)
  • Coolant temperature sensor (CLT)
  • Throttle position sensor (TPS)
  • Dual lambda (WBO) sensor. Uses sensor directly connected to the ECU without any additional electronics. Supports Bosch LSU 4.2 and 4.9
  • 2 trigger inputs. VR or digital. Automatic trigger level detection. The signals are processed by a completely separated processor for maximum performance and immunity against interference
  • 6 temperature sensors. Can be used for logging or control of additional functions
  • 16 0-5V inputs. Can be used for additional sensors such as measurement of fuel / oil pressure
  • 10 digital inputs used for example speed sensors (4 can use VR-sensors) or switches
  • Built-in 400kPa MAP-sensor for up to 3bar/43PSI of boost
  • 12 EGT TYPE-K/N inputs with separate harness (up tp 1200C/2200F


  • 16 peak/hold injector outputs. 1-2 high or low impedance injectors per output. 8A per output
  • 12 ignition outputs. 5V signals to drive ignition modules, CDI units / coils
  • 30 extra outputs for additional features. Can be adjusted to control virtually anything like fuel pumps, idle valves. GPO 1-8 (2A), GPO 9/10 (5A), GPO 11-14(2A), GPO 15-23 (12V sourcing, 4A), GPO 23-30 (1.5A)
  • Dual E-Throttle support

tech. Daten:

  • CAN bus for expansion modules, OEM vehicle CAN, OBDII
  • USB communication for tuning with MTune
  • Bluetooth for connecting to mobile devices with MDash
  • 8MB memory for internal logging, up to 1000Hz
  • Supply voltage 8-22V
  • ARM Cortex-M3 120MHz main processor. Three extra processors to handle the triggers, injectors and EGT
  • Resolution on ignition: 0.1 degrees
  • Resolution on injectors: 0.001 ms
  • Updates the fuel and ignition calculations 2000 times per second
  • The fastest PC communication on the market
  • 50Hz sampling rate on all EGT inputs
  • 1000Hz sampling rate on all analog inputs
  • Weight: 1137g
  • 252x180x40mm excluding protruding connectors
  • Built-in accelerometer up to 8G
  • Waterproofed aluminium case with shock absorbers

unterstützte Trigger Signale:

  • Verteilerzündung
  • VR-Sensor oder Digital (Hall, optisch)
  • Standard „missing tooth“ (60-2, 36-1). unterstützt Bereiche von 2-1 to 180-4
  • Multitooth trigger (2+1 to 180+1)
  • Audi 5-zyl
  • Nissan CAS
  • Mitsubishi 4/2
  • GM LS1
  • Honda K20Z4 12+1 crank mit 4+1 camtrigger
  • Chrysler Hemi SRT-8 32-2-2

unterstützte CAM Signale / CAM Nockenwellenverstellung:

  • Even teeth
  • 2JZ 3-teeth / VVTi
  • BMW 6+1extra (VANOS)
  • BMW 8-1 (VANOS)
  • Volvo T5/T6 / VVT
  • Mitsubishi EVO / Mivec
  • Mustang 5.0 Coyote / VVTi
  • Porsche 996 2001-2005 M96/70 / Variocam


  • MaxxECU PRO Steuergerät
  • MaxxECU universal Kabelbaum
  • 12 Pin Stecker für extra Steckverbindung
  • 4mm Polyamid-Schlauch MAP-Sensor
  • Schnellstartanleitung (engl.)
  • Bluetooth Antenne
  • Plan der Pin Belegung
  • USB-Kabel
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